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Not necessarily! Some grants may impose a $10 or $100 minimum on a project, which may cause a pause until it’s been approved and funded. It’s essential for this project to have sufficient funding for pre-applications; many grants require these before the application process can begin.

What if a grant would cost more than I’ll get?

Yes, you can see the “grant amount” in the “description” (or “applications”)

This is a reference to the maximum grant amount that will pay for the project as agreed upon; the amount listed here is not necessarily the amount that you will get.

What information do I need to submit?

All of the detailed information about your project must be submitted on a post-application website. These are not web pages – they are the application forms that you will be using to apply for your grant. There are two types of websites that apply to grants (web application and web site applications); web site applications generally require a single PDF version (or an app or PDF document) and there is a maximum fee you need to pay which is usually a donation to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. A web site application is more time consuming and expensive.

What kinds of grants must I apply for?

For funding of a project to advance Canadian science and technology we require projects with sufficient scope and value to contribute to research in Canada. For example, if you are to assist an internationally renowned research laboratory with a Canadian project, your project must provide at least 1-2 months’ worth of new research and must be supported by research dollars. Research projects in Canada also need to meet a number of other requirements: they might need funding support and should demonstrate evidence of value to Canadian science; they should be funded by a government-linked agency or have an external funding commitment; and they should be of international significance. When applying for a grant through the Canada 150 campaign you will find more detailed information under each project category.

What if a grant isn’t enough for my project? Is there something else I need to do?

Well, you are most likely getting approved! There’s nothing more frustrating than getting the application and then waiting for your application to be approved after years of work – and when you don’t receive the news you are hoping for, you might be a little let down. Your project could get funded, you might get approved, or it could not, but if it isn’t, the project isn

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