Can grants be used for anything? – Queensland Government Small Business Grants Covid 19

All of our grants also can be used for:

Hear what others have to say.

Connect with others around the World.

Find out what other professionals are up to on the web.

Connect with others who do the same or similar things you do.

Learn how to build a career.

Find out who in the world has the skills you need.

Help others who can use a hand…

Make a name for yourself and be a success.

Get started with a professional website.

A Career is Yours

It is your choice whether or not to use our tools.

It is a simple idea that we want to help you be successful in your career.

But you don’t have to go to our website, just come to us and talk to one of our professionals – our experts from the Career Centre. And make your decision together.

In our career centre, you will find a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff who will help you get started with becoming that professional you’ve always dreamed of. We will help you put together the work that will lead to a good career and to a high level of success.

Our Experts in career help

From start to finish, you’ll find career help from a team of experts at the Career Centre:

• We are here to listen

• We are here to guide

• We are here to help

• We provide you with advice and support

• We can give you ideas and guidance, with solutions

• We can give you ideas that are supported by our experts

For more personal advice and guidance, we suggest:

• Call us on 0113 547 1717

• Visit us at the website

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The Career Centre: How far will you go?

It is not the job or career you want. It is a job that will help you build up your wealth and improve your life.

So how are we helping you become a success?

First, we provide you with resources and services to help you in creating a successful career. Then, by working together with other career experts, we provide you with more advice and help as you start your career.

This is the Career Centre.

As a career help and advice service.

How to get started with a career

Contact Us: 0113 547 1717

The Career Centre: How

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