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The US government will release a new set of statistics on the number of workers killed on the job to mark the anniversary.

In its annual statistics on the state of the US labour market, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has stated that there were 23,722 workers killed on the job in 2015.

For most states, this number is very close to the figure released for 2015 – when there were 23 deaths.

The annual statistics also reveal that, as the unemployment rate continues to fall, the number of people not in work has fallen since 2014. However, for the four major states where the overall rate of unemployment is below 9%, the number of people not in work continues to increase. This was the case for New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The states of New York and California were the only ones with annual figures in excess of 25% (25+/25) for joblessness but New Jersey and Connecticut had figure numbers between 25 and 25.1%.

The figure for the four major states is likely to suggest that the unemployment was at peak levels on the whole – but the national figures suggest that the situation remained broadly similar across the country.

The BLS also noted that its report on the ‘labor force participation’ was an update to the February 2014 report. The November 2015 report was the first update in which ‘unemployment’ was explicitly included.

This change, the BLS noted, reflected the increasing number of adults looking for work and those choosing not to count themselves as having one. Those not counted are in fact those that would have been counted in the previous reports as working but for some reason refused to do so.

Since its initial release, a number of other revisions have gone in to the November 2015 report, including the removal of a number of ’employment/employment-related activities’ from the labour force reports. The BLS noted the ‘activity’ of these categories included both people working and people looking for work within the labour force, with ‘activity’ being defined as ‘work,’ ‘looking for work,’ ‘participating in employment-related activities,’ or either of the above. This is the most controversial addition to previous reports for several reasons

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