Can I get a free boiler if I receive PIP?

PIP allows you to order your own custom printed boiler from our supplier. The boiler design you select will be made to order as required. Please contact us and we will be happy to quote a price for your boiler order.

Do I need to pay customs fees?

We will only charge customs fee if you decide to order your own custom printed boiler. Please contact us and discuss the import duties, taxes etc. before placing your order.

Is delivery available to other countries, like USA, UK, Ireland etc.?

Most of our suppliers can ship internationally. Please contact us for details.

What do you use for the printed boiler plates?

Our supplier prints custom printed, heat treated copper boiler plates on a high quality, machine washable, water resistant polyester sheet.

Are my printed boiler pots made of cast iron?

All of our printed boiler pots are cast iron. We are using an alloy of 6061 alloying and hardwood wood in the production of our printed pot for extra security from the heat damage.

I ordered for a country where my boiler is not in stock. Can I still get it?

You can order a printed boiler from us if there is an existing stock available from our supplier as this does not qualify as a repeat order.

What is the shipping cost?

We can ship all of our printers internationally within 3-7 working days. Please see the shipping cost table at the bottom of the page for shipping costs in your destination country.

Where can I see more pictures of my custom made printed boiler?

Please note, photos are from our recent factory build. To ensure the accuracy of the pictures, please order from our supplier.

Can I put it on eBay?

Unfortunately, at this time PayPal is not accepted.

I already tried to buy a printed boiler with your printer but didn’t make the order. What can I do?

In most cases the printer is not compatible with our supplier’s printed boiler. Please check your parts against this chart. If you still want to order after this information has been checked we will contact you via our dedicated mailing list.

I ordered a print-ready boiler but it does not show up. Why?

Please do please check that your serial number is not on the front of your boiler or that the serial number is printed above that number in the top right of the boiler.

I want to check my batch