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[18:26:36]. we are always open to grant proposals [18:26:47]. So you’re not worried about your space and money [18:26:50]. you do not have all the resources [18:27:00]. Well, if the cost of the ship comes down to something like the Rorqual, I get an extra 50m:50 to spend as you see fit. [18:27:21]. no but what if space station has 10m:1,000,000m3 [18:27:28]. As the Rorqual, you have a maximum sized hull that you can fit to the interior. [18:27:33]. yeah thats the beauty of the fit [18:27:38]. Like, what you would need in the T3 would be enough to fit a full cargo cube in a Rorqual if you were in the right ship [18:27:42]. I would need 3-5 to fit a 100m:100k to the Rorqual [18:27:51]. If the ships you use fit better to it, you can fit it like a cruiser in the T3 [18:28:07]. yeah thats my thoughts I guess [18:28:12]. That’s why I like the Rorqual in my personal opinion so much, but you are right you’re going to want a bigger rig [18:28:50]. But I do like the Rorqual in a tanky ship with some fast dps. [18:28:55]. yeah i can see that [18:29:05]. but for small ships that do a bit of DPS it doesnt really matter [18:29:07]. Well, what you get is pretty good against most everything I’ve experienced in PvE so far. [18:29:15]. As long as your main ship stays in good shape

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