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Your application for accommodation in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man can be completed as soon as you have moved to Northern Ireland (not to Isle of Man).

You do not need to wait for your accommodation to be accepted prior to starting the work and you will not be required to meet any other criteria.

All accommodation applications for a period of 12 months or longer should be sent directly to the Department for Work & Pensions via e-mail at: [email protected]

You are also welcome to contact us on the department to make your case and give details of what you’re doing to get on or where you’ve fallen down.

Is Northern Ireland eligible for Jobseekerships?

Rental Assistance/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban ...

Is this the right time to come to Northern Ireland?


What if I’m on any other support from DWP?

What are the consequences of falling into the ‘wrong’ category?

Your entitlement will be reviewed by an approved adjudicator who will determine your individual circumstances (as set out in our advice on this document) and decide whether you may return to work and the best way of doing so.

The adjudicator will review the application in general terms. If the adjudicator considers that the person has not met the criteria of either Jobseeker Support Programme or Workfare, he may assess your individual circumstances at longer or shorter intervals after the decision has been made.

If the adjudicator finds that you fall below the criteria in terms of Jobseeker Support Programme/Workfare the decision is permanent.

Will I still qualify for Employment and Support Allowance?

The same rules apply as for the Jobseekers scheme.

You can continue to get Jobseekers allowance until you have started the full 12 months of work and have been accepted for accommodation/a Workfare scheme. This means that you will be able to work while you are in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man.

If you are not accepted for accommodation or workfare during this time (or before they are finalised), you will not get the full amount of Jobseeker’s allowance (around £10 a week or £8 per fortnight; depending on your income; and £4 per hour).

Is the time to apply after leaving Northern Ireland a problem. Is I still liable to Jobseekers’ allowance?

You will have to wait five days for your application to be assessed. However, if you are approved

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