Can I get help with a new boiler if I am not on benefits? – Nsw Government Small Business Grants

It’s hard to get help if you’re not on benefits. If there was not a gap in your earnings, or unemployment, or your income was high, it’d be hard to find someone to help you with a boiler.

But you can get help if you’re not on benefits

If you can’t find a new boiler (or are working part-time) and you’ve been earning the rent, you have a right to get:

Help with a boiler

The following services are offered under tenancy agreements:

Housing support – including heating, cooling and heating allowances, hot water, hot washing and hot water to wash clothes – is provided under your tenancy agreement. Housing Support can help cover:

Housing costs

Housing repairs

New construction costs

If you need financial help to afford any of these bills you can:

use the local housing office

call the local councils

Ask someone at your local council if they could provide financial help.

If your landlord hasn’t provided housing support or a Housing Allowance, or if your new landlord thinks you’ve been paying their housing costs, it can get rid of your heating allowance and take your heating down even more (see Section 10 of the Tenancy Agreement).

What if a new boiler isn’t working right?

If your boiler is not working right because you’re not on benefits or your rent is too high, it can get rid of your heating allowance. This means you’ll have to pay more for heating if you’re on benefits:

a landlord can charge you more for heat and provide more insulation

you could be paying up to 5% more than your heat allowance for heating

More help with a heating bill

Many council tenants with heating help can ask for help from their local council and get help from their local housing office.

Tenant’s rights in an emergency

If you’re under threat from a fire, or if you’re getting ready to move out, you’ve got a right to get help.

You have legal obligations to get any services needed to deal with life-threatening emergencies. For example, you have a duty to get help if you’re being attacked or threatened with eviction, the fire service is having problems dealing with it, someone is having an accident, there’s a serious problem with the property you’re renting or you need to do work that might be dangerous.

Find out if you have any emergency

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