Can I use fafsa money for a laptop?

As soon as you have a bank account, you can use it to buy a laptop.

But there is one thing that’s not allowed.

You cannot pay with a card.

However, if you know my bank account, you can simply ask for a money order.

So here is the deal: it’s possible to pay with a bank credit card, but you won’t be able to use it for a laptop.

I had a small amount (less than a thousand euros) saved on my credit card, but when I applied for a laptop, I had to explain that I didn’t have enough cash.

Didn’t want to give up and go to the banks.

So I used that savings to buy a new laptop from Germany.

The problem was that German companies don’t accept credit cards now. I wasn’t able to use that card.

So I went from buying a laptop to paying bills through the internet and using PayPal.

I didn’t have to go to the bank as I live in Germany, but PayPal had no English speaking employee during that time.

I have a bank account here, but I only have a few euros for each payment (about 2 Euros).

So PayPal was my only option for payments.

How can I get credit in Germany? – German credit cards and e-pay

German credit cards are available to purchase anything.

I can’t find one in Sweden and, to be honest, I don’t think I will need it.

I prefer to pay for my items in local currency. So I used to pay in local cash, called Sängle, or in Swedish krona (that’s about 80 kronor), and use some type of European bank account.

These days, there’s a lot more information about making payments in Swedish kronor and it’s quite easy to use.
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So that’s how I pay all my bills.

My husband and I also use PayPal to pay for everything.

It’s pretty convenient to use. There’s no need to have to use a bank (since there are a lot less banks here).

But my question is: how should I find my online bank account in Sweden?

How can I use my Swedish bank account?

I don’t have a Swedish bank card. How can I transfer money online to another bank account elsewhere in Sweden?