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No one is sure if this would be permitted.

The issue of pension reform is important in the wake of the pension crisis, because pensioners in retirement will have to be given a choice – either spend more on health and social care or spend less on their retirement. They will do so on the basis that the government can guarantee they will get their money for life, that nobody else is likely to have less of a right to it.

In his presidential bid and in his first months as a senator, Donald J. Trump has come under fire for his remarks about illegal immigrants.

At numerous rallies across the country, Mr. Trump has complained that Mexican immigrants are sending children across the border. He also criticized Arizona’s immigration law as “ridiculous,” noting that there are many illegal immigrants in the state, but not all of them are in the country legally.

Mr. Trump’s comments have triggered a backlash from conservatives, including some prominent Republicans.

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“You know this, Mr. Trump,” the former senator Scott Brown said last week. “Nobody likes you. You are the kind of guy who needs to learn more about the world.”

Other Republicans have criticized him for suggesting that illegal immigrants may bring drugs to the United States.

“You are going to need to make sure that people who are here without permission are locked up and dealt with very severely,” Senator Marco Rubio said in a speech on Sunday in New Hampshire. He added, “Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants, including Mexican immigrants, are absolutely un-American.”

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Others have called Mr. Trump’s comments “disrespectful” to all Mexican immigrants, regardless of their legal status, including immigrants who have been here for generations.
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Senator Ted Cruz, also a

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