Can you get a free boiler on universal credit? – Eesa Grant

The answer is a straightforward yes. Most people don’t pay the price of running their own heating at 100% on the first six months of a six-week entitlement, so if you’re a couple earning £70,000 a year, the cost of a heat pump and all the appliances they’ll need will be relatively cheap. But you’ll have to pay your full cost up to the point they’re in receipt of Universal Credit benefits, which can be up to £350 a year according to the National Living Wage (before that you’ll pay around £75 if you’re over 18 — up to a maximum of £350 for a couple, but that is being phased out). But there are a few things you need to do to get your heat on free. You may have to sign up for an incentive to get free heating. The most common is the “Heat Bank” — which is set up by Heatbank Ltd of Newcastle upon Tyne who specialise in a range of heating technology and services. And while there’s usually an incentive for people to sign up to a Heat Bank they cannot claim a subsidy of up to £25 a month, and the cost in Newcastle is typically over £100 per year. The HeatBank will have a number of suppliers and is free of charge to customers, but the heat they provide will be either a heat pump or a hot water heater. If you’ve got your heating on, it can provide energy, especially if you’re on a low income or are on universal credit.

How do you check whether your child qualifies for free childcare?

You can get information by going to and entering their name in the search box. It will tell you if their free childcare is available, where in the country it is, and whether it may be free for young families from a low income or for those in work. However, if they have a childcare provider whose contract is not set to expire on January 1st then it’s possible you might not qualify – if it’s available on the day they’ll get £60 off their bill. If this is the case you should talk to their customer service team at 01332 683335 or 07589 434400 (they can be contacted at any time, Monday to Friday, 0900-1800).

How much will it cost for the first year or so?

To qualify for the free benefits of working you’ll need to work at least 60

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