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I’m very unhappy at work, my kids aren’t eating correctly, the kids are doing nothing, everyone I am with isn’t interested in sex but I’m having a relationship – I really can’t afford it. They are my future. What can I tell myself to justify this? I’ve had that conversation already but there is no way of repeating it.

One answer I’ve read is that my employer will find me a job if I leave my job. However, for a long time this wasn’t true, and it’s not now. My employer’s employment law is so weak that an employee with a claim for leave must prove to them that they will still be able to carry on without it. If I’d left my job, I would surely have seen a reduction in my employment rate because I’d been out of work for months without any pay.

So as far as I am concerned, if I think leaving the job will save me money, I should do it. I feel like I’ve said something. And I haven’t. I hope that my comments have helped a few people, and I hope that this kind of story may inspire somebody.

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An Arizona mother and daughter are being charged for not picking up a stray animal while walking their dog in a park and then bringing it home to keep.

A woman and her 11-year-old daughter had just taken the family’s pug near a park along the Navajo Nation when the dog began to bark. A passerby alerted the owner to the dog’s danger and it was later determined the pooch was running loose in town.

The pair reportedly decided to bring the pooch home, but instead of letting it out in a fenced area, they walked it to the park and took it to the woods, reports the Associated Press.

But instead of making their dogs happy, they are “admonishing the child, cursing the mother and saying they are going to take their dog away,” an official in the sheriff’s department, who requested anonymity, told news outlet KMGH.

But when the pair returned home, they were arrested on charges of leaving the animal unattended and neglecting the animal. They reportedly “made threats on their families” and “tried to hide the dog in the forest,” the news station reports.

Both the mother and daughter are set to appear June 9 at a

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