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Or will you need to go through the whole process again to get funding?”

In many instances, businesses aren’t able to hire people until they’ve secured funding. I know the business I just started with is a lot like my startup with the same investors and no funding. I was able to go to investors and have them say “We don’t know what to do. Can you get our name and contact of the investors listed? Is there any way you’ll be available to meet the investors on an ongoing basis so we can have a more informed decision on our business?”

So if you’re a startup looking for resources, there are a host of different resources out there—both to help you get your start up off the ground, and help you find funding. Whether you’re looking for an advisor, a job board or the right company to work with, here are a few resources to get started on the right track.

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Free Startup Guide:

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When a baby has just arrived, it is no easy feat to make a mother smile for the first time because it may be hard or even difficult to say good-bye to the little one. However, a new study shows that after just six days, mothers could easily and very quickly regain the smile they lost just one day before, while the face it made after the fact didn’t even change at all.

Researchers at Michigan Technological University conducted the study, published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest. The data showed that infants who were seen more often before their arrival still made the women smile after a day, but the new behavior of smiling at someone was a phenomenon that happened only after just a day’s worth of interacting with the women.

“The findings are that it takes something positive to last over the course of the day (as opposed to when they meet face to face), and even though the mothers saw an increase in positive, pleasant interactions for a short period of time, their smile returned within a day or less,” study lead author, Laura E. Schulte told Reuters.

The study also found that

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