Do British Gas do boiler grants? – Apply For Free Government Grants For College

Yes we grant boiler grants which are issued on a cash basis to anyone who has a minimum of 4 boilers in or on top of their property. We apply the same criteria as with other boiler grants. We do not grant anything on the basis of age.

How do I apply?

You can obtain the required boiler grant application Form online from,

The world’s smallest house is up for auction — only a little under 100 square feet of living space, but it is available for just $9,500!

The tiny house, on a property in a small community in Ontario, is not only a remarkable building — it’s an incredible one.

When you look around the small, one-story house, which is one of a family of three, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Inside, the place is tiny, but beautiful.

And, it’s not only tiny — it’s almost immaculate in every sense of the word.

The home was built from 1/8-inch wood.

At just 7 feet 2 inches in height, it is the first home ever built using a 1/8-inch wall board, according to local news site The Greater Toronto East Area News.

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The tiny house, which is just 13 feet wide and 9 feet long, is not just incredibly impressive, it’s practically breathtaking.

It’s the most modest home ever built, with just 12 light bulbs and a single light bulb.

Not only do the walls and roof have wood panels, but the interior, too, is made from one-inch wood.

The living area also features a fireplace, and the bedrooms and kitchen have two windows — one for each door — as do the bathroom and the living-room, which has a huge window.

And, the only item that doesn’t have a single piece of trim, is a piece of plywood on top of the floor.

“He doesn’t even know what it is. That’s how small it is,” said the property’s owner, who only gave his name as Bob.

What’s more, the backyard has no fence. And — of course — the bathroom is a sink.

The tiny house also does not have any outside appliances and no windows.

All of those pieces add up to

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