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There is no direct grant funding to humanitarian agencies that work in refugee camps. Instead, some charities rely on other countries to support their work.

What is in their agenda?
it is primarily a humanitarian response to crises. This is why the United Nations does not provide funds directly to refugee camps. However, some of their main projects provide money for basic needs in refugee camps, health care for displaced persons, development of local culture in refugee camps, providing basic literacy in refugee camps and establishing schools.

What is UNRWA?
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UNRWA is the Union of Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA). Its mandate is to create and maintain a safe and decent Palestinian society that is self-governing and representative of the Palestinian people. The program aims to improve human and economic conditions in refugees, refugees’ host communities and their surrounding communities. Since 1948, it has sponsored over 5 million refugees and created over 200,000 jobs at a significant cost to the Palestinian economy.

What countries have been sponsoring refugees?

The United States has been the biggest aid donor, contributing $4.25 billion since 2006. It is now the second biggest donor ($2.2 billion), after China. The United Kingdom contributed $2 billion in FY2008, up from $1.96 billion the previous year. In addition, Sweden contributed $1.8 billion between 2008 and 2010.

How were the number of refugees and the cost of resettling them determined?

The United Nations estimates the cost of resettling a refugee for six months. However, it is difficult to make any estimate of the overall cost.

In addition to the costs of transporting refugees from camps to shelters and supporting them during their initial stay in the refugee camp, some of these costs also include: medical expenses, housing, education, transportation between camps and resettlement centers, transport in and out of camps, food, clothing and other items, and other household expenses. Additional costs are incurred for the resettlement of refugees with disabilities.

How much will you spend on the refugees?

The United Nations estimates U.N. funds will be allocated based on the number of refugees and the current needs of each camp. Currently, the United Nations allocates U.N. funding according to the number of refugees the United Nations thinks should be resettled in each region.

The funding is allocated among the Member States who are members of the International Organization of Migration (IOM). For example, Italy and Germany share a

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