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Check to see if this grant is a new one, since it may be a good opportunity to apply for a new one.

If you already have a grant, visit our page on paying back grants.

If you don’t want to pay it back at all, apply for a public interest grant to use the funds from the donation on your own expenses (yourself, family or a friend) and to help reduce climate change costs. Your application can also be made anonymously.

How do I receive my tax-deductible donation?

You can mail or fax a letter, e-mail or post by faxed or e-mailed letter to:

New Hampshire Climate and Ecosystems Center

Attn: Grants and Contributions

PO Box 449

Winsted, NC 27403-4949
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How do I file my tax return for the gift my donor has made?

Most gift tax deductions are allowed for amounts received from a tax-exempt organization if the donations are used to provide a qualified charitable purpose. However, gifts to charities must be declared on your tax return.

Your donation can be declared on your tax return as a qualifying item. To see if it is qualified for a deduction on your tax return, check the box next to “gift to me for my use” on the Form 1040 or Form 1040EZ. This form indicates that the donation can be claimed in the year in which it was received.

A personal check to the recipient from the same tax return will not be accepted for a donation by the recipient unless it is accompanied by a Form W-4 (Application for Employee Benefit) for the year in which the contribution was made and the check is made payable to the recipient. For more information, see Form W-4 .

How do we determine if the donations were used solely to benefit the recipient?

Generally, the first time you can determine if the gifts were used solely to benefit the recipient is when you file Form 959-T. This form shows the date you sent the gifts to the recipient or the date you reported the receipt of the gifts on Form 959-EZ.

If you had multiple gifts or contributions made in a calendar year, use Form 959-S or Form 959-T.

Some gift tax deductions may be allowed only if the recipient is located within your state.

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