How can I get a free grant without paying it back?

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What is your advice for those that can’t afford to cover a portion of their expenses using these methods?

If you are in financial crisis at any point, we suggest you consider using alternative strategies.

And finally, you can’t always get what you want when you need it. If you have anything to sell, contact us about potential clients.

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This isn’t an easy question for me. The answer depends on a lot of things–from whether I’m a fan to how interested in science I’m. And my level of interest does matter. In terms of how interested I am in science, the answer depends on a lot of things: what’s in the science, what do I like, who do I like.

To me, the answer to “how interested are you” is probably fairly straightforward. What is true for me, as far as I know, is true for everybody here on MNN. Every single one of our respondents who says “interested” is doing so because they have an “interest in” something. And that means they think people might actually be interested, and that they’re interested in it too, and that if you take a survey of all these people, you might find something about human interest in science.

This is a bit different than answering “what do you like” (not really a survey question). We can’t measure what people like, we don’t have the scale of interests to measure this. But this question helps us say a lot about the people we’re talking to–people who would like to be engaged in the world of science. In this survey, we asked: How much interest do you have in the scientific community, both scientifically and personally, and why?

Here’s what the response was:

When we look at this from these points of view, one of the most significant points is that in nearly a third of respondents (31%) science is of interest to just “a very small amount.” This makes sense because they say they’re interested because of that, not because they think they know what it does. In this case, about half of them are interested (or at least they seem to be interested, like “a little” interest), and the other half are interested because if you looked back through our archive, there was a time when