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We don’t want anyone to waste their time.

We don’t want any of our grant funding to go unspent.

If for any reason there is a lack of funds we have a contingency plan in place in case we cannot repay a grant as we would have to pay interest with the proceeds of the grant.

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We’ve heard how to properly prepare this tasty veggie burger recipe, so now you can get started!

Vegetable Burgers with a Twist

We’ve all had veggie burgers, but with so few options – the last thing one needs is to cook the veggie burger before it is fully cooked to perfect taste.

The idea is to use a whole range of vegetables, whether it be a mixture of mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and a few other leafy greens.

In this recipe, the choice of toppings is huge – from a grilled egg, to a crispy chicken topping, to a grilled chicken and avocado spread, to a salad with tomatoes, peppers and BBQ sauce.

This recipe for Vegetable Burgers with a Twist is a fantastic all rounder option, a really great alternative to the bland, boring and dry veggie burgers.

This delicious dish is simple to make, and with just three ingredients, is ready to serve in just twenty minutes.

You don’t need to be a cook to make this veggie burger recipe though, I’ve only made it once before and I can tell you, it was a perfect one.

When we cook with our children, it’s easy for their parents or siblings to take their turn.

But when they are eating with their siblings and it’s their turn, it can make it difficult for parents to take their turn and leave the house for a minute.

I have discovered some great tips to get you through this time, whether it be having a quiet time with family or a bit of dinner fun on the way home – you can use my tips, or some other creative ideas on the Vegetarian Burger Recipes page.
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The one thing I’m finding with my veggie burger recipe is that it is not one of those recipes that I would go out and buy the ingredients

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