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Apply online using the Online Application; the deadline will be announced via email at or before the program start date of October 1.

How do I apply for a Pell Grant for Graduate Studies or for a full-time study abroad?

We strongly recommend that you apply for a single-term program on a single institution. Applications for a program that has been approved by a single institutional source and that can be conducted by a single applicant are considered in isolation and are not considered in any other program. For more information, see Application and Granting the Grant.

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If you have already applied through UC San Diego’s Work Study Program, there will not be an impact to your Pell Grant.

If you have applied for an award through another institutional source, this applies only to the amount of grant you will receive. In cases where you are currently using this grant for an education, you are responsible for repayment if the amount you are receiving from this grant is lower than the award you requested.

If you are applying for a full-time study abroad program, your award will be calculated as a single award. If you are currently using this grant for a course you would be taking at an academic institution outside of the United States, your award will be calculated separately from your home institution and will be less than what you requested.

What happens with Pell Grants after they have been awarded?

There are no changes to the way in which the grant funds can be used after they have been awarded. The funds cannot be used toward the next term or an undergraduate degree and no one can make you pay a fee to apply for a Pell Grant.

If you are a California resident, you can apply for an award at the time you request it. However, you must apply at your own expense and you cannot take out a second one before you have received them.

If you have other outstanding grants that you want to apply them as part of a larger grant program, apply for the best fit for which you can afford.

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