How do I get free government money?

I’m not paying for it”

Do you think government would be better off without private banks? Or, do I need a bank account? What about my taxes? Or the cost of a car?

Do I pay for my government services? You pay? So do your children? Then you pay? So do those for whom I work? You pay? So do your employers? Then you pay? So do all my taxes? So that your children also receive education? You pay?

How do I get free healthcare? When we don’t pay for it, or it only provides a partial reimbursement? What about if it only provides the benefits, but doesn’t actually pay for services? Is insurance free?

I’m sure you are aware that a majority in America believe government is best positioned to make money, not to ensure a decent standard of living for the people.

But do you realize that these individuals, the majority, have been systematically excluded from most areas of the economy until it was deemed politically safe—and profitable—to re-emphasize their influence in government and the media?

The results of this systematic exclusion have been catastrophic.

Over the last 100 years, the majority of the population has been steadily driven to a point where they no longer have any means of support. It is as if we have lost the ability to even think.

In fact, the more and more I watch and experience how the government plays politics and how it controls the media, the more angry I become at it.

If a citizen does something against the government, they face huge consequences and the possibility of losing their job, their home, and possibly even their life.

The government has the right to stop all citizens from speaking out, or to tell the government to stop interfering in any way they want.

In fact, the government has the right to stop even those who are exercising their First Amendment rights and who just like to talk to, or who simply want to share their opinion.

I have watched people have their personal lives destroyed by the government, by our mainstream media, or by the police.

But that is exactly why our government has no business interfering in someone’s private affairs.

There has never been an instance in which government has directly interfered with a private dispute outside the courts, and the ones that have happen have been the result of government violence, not private ones.

But when these cases go wrong, whether because of the