How do I qualify for Pell Grants? – Ggf Program

To qualify for Pell Grants under the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program, you must:

Be a full-time student with at least 12 quarter-time hours on campus each quarter.

Be able to earn at least $5,000 per quarter and have no outstanding balances. You may earn more over your 12-hundred quarter-time hours, provided that your actual gross income is at least $3,500 of which $2,500 is after tax.

Be enrolled full-time in an appropriate public school, college, vocational, religious, or technical institution that is accepting federal financial aid.

If you are a nonresident full-time student living outside the United States, you cannot receive a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). However, if you are a nonresident eligible for PSLF under the Foreign Earned Income Credit, you may qualify for a Direct PLUS Loan.

How do I apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?
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To apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, contact an online Federal Student Aid (FSA) office (usually at as soon as you have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and received an award of a bachelor’s degree.

You must be in good health to qualify.

The program is administered by the Social Security Administration . All students may qualify for loan forgiveness through the FSAs listed in the link below.

If you do not qualify for a loan through the FSAs listed below, contact us for assistance through a non-FSA office .

How long do I have to repay my loans?

You may continue your education at any accredited post-secondary institution or program (i.e. community college, technical school, community college of arts or other eligible educational program, postsecondary vocational school, etc.) that is accepted by the United States Department of Education. However, you will be responsible for any late fees or costs for your educational activities. If you take a course on or after July 6, 2015, in the United States , the United States Department of Education will only reimburse you for the remainder of your term of attendance. However, if, at time of the undergraduate decision, you continue to enroll in classes at a non-accredited institution, the non-accredited institution will be required to apply for loan forgiveness on the original student loan.

What happens if my loan balance is below $2,000?

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