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What has changed?”

Some big businesses, such as Facebook, have created their own digital wallet in order to offer discounts at websites and at events such as the Cannes film festival in May.

Amazon has offered its own wallet to its customers under its “Get Prime” program since 2013.

Many smaller businesses, however, continue to offer discounts as a way to keep customers, particularly in China, happy.

But the number will have to continue to rise, and with it the costs to operate the program and offer the discounts.

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A former executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations has been charged in a federal lawsuit in San Diego in connection with the death of his former business partner, who was a Muslim.

Mohammad Yusuf Rahman, 50, was charged Monday in the death of Dr. Faisal Shahzad, 57, whose body was found in an alley on Dec. 26. It was unclear whether Rahman was being investigated on suspicion of involvement in Shahzad’s death. An autopsy found that Shahzad died of blunt force trauma.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Shahzad had been a partner in the Shahzad Group of San Diego. The San Diego-based organization was also run by Rahman. Police found a note on Shahzad’s corpse saying that the “Islamic religion has nothing to do with me or my son.”

The lawsuit, filed in June, alleged Rahman’s involvement with the organization, which has a long history of advocacy and litigation on behalf of American Muslim community and rights advocates in the United States. The suit accused Rahman of being a known “fellow traveler” with the extremist group Al Queda and conspiring to provide material support to its terrorist operations.

The two men had been scheduled to testify in the Shahzad case as plaintiffs in a trial scheduled to begin in December.

At one point in the case, prosecutors accused Rahman of being an informant with the FBI. Rahman was not charged in the death of Shahzad.

Yusuf Rahman was president and deputy director of CAIR. He and Dr. Shahzad had been partners in the San Diego-based Shahzad Group of San Diego, a nonprofit religious organization that provides legal services to Muslims. Shahzad died in November 2015.

Yusuf Rahman was charged Monday.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations has been in political battles with

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