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“Generally they will be given a short time frame (a year). This isn’t to say that it can’t be longer; it can sometimes be longer. Usually we will want that grant to be made over the life of the grant proposal, and some people (including me, to a certain extent) have to accept that that’s how it works. Some grant proposals will take up to two years to execute, and we like to make sure every grant is thought through and done and ready for when we get the funds for the next project.”

So this does not take into account some of the difficulties and challenges that arise when one gets a grant proposal from an organisation that is looking to do something. Do you have any advice for someone whose only contact has been a one-off project from one individual?

“It’s a tricky question. A lot of grant proposals get a lot of attention – which, from the very beginning, often means lots of money for us. In the same way, the ones that don’t receive a ton of interest may get a lot of attention, as well – it’s difficult to make any assumptions about whether someone will be able to do something, or whether we will go back to the drawing board and find a new way. So in that way we see it all in the context of, “Is this really possible and worthwhile?”

“We are always looking for new ways of doing things, and so it really helps to hear about them from people who understand them, because without that you may not get anything done, although you may certainly find that people who work in the field have more knowledge and expertise about it than others.”
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So how do you decide which projects to fund?

“It’s often hard to decide. We often get really excited but we don’t know. We often ask some very specific questions such as, “do we have a project in the pipeline, or will it be done this year?” or even “does this fit the criteria of my grant project list?” and people should take that seriously. Sometimes you have to just go with the flow and that can be exhausting. I think that’s the key thing for anybody applying: take it as seriously as possible, and then follow it up with some further thought and a lot of work.”

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