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No. The law does not apply to domestic abusers.

The DHHS can be contacted at (802) 445-4750.

When and how long can DBT be administered?

DHHS will administer DBT in an outpatient setting, but may continue to administer it following the discharge of an individual from the hospital.

DHHS will notify individual patients of their right to have supervision over their DBT treatment if they are not under DBT supervision during the first thirty days following discharge from the hospital.

How does DBT work?

DBT works by:

rewarding a person in a negative setting or situation with positive changes in personal behavior or behaviors

using an individual’s thoughts and/or feelings about his or her treatment to make treatment suggestions, and

providing suggestions to help the person improve treatment.

The treatment is designed to address specific symptoms that are specific to the condition of the patient, and includes the same medical and behavioral components as in medical treatment for serious injuries, including, for example, medications and supportive therapy.

How do I find out what DBT treatment you offer?

DHHS’ DBT Treatment Guidelines are available online.

What happens after I complete a treatment appointment?

Once a patient has finished a treatment appointment, DHHS will:

contact the person of interest in the order of the following: Name Phone Number, and

ensure the person receives a copy of the patient complaint form.

If a person with treatment is discharged or the person is released from a hospital, DHHS will also notify the person of the disposition of his or her file and provide him or her with a copy of the treatment information. This information provides an individual with an opportunity, if he or she is eligible, to reapply for treatment if he or she wishes.

How can DHHS help you?

DHHS encourages treatment providers and DHHS employees to use the DHHS DBT Treatment Guidelines online.

To see how the DHHS DBT Guidelines are being used at DHHS, visit the DBT Technology page at (external site).

To learn more about the DBT process, visit the DBT Process page at (external site).

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