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fafsa means “faithful and true”. A grant is a gift; the government is giving it to you.

The government is making a gift in your name. The gift has been entrusted to you.

fafsa is used to address the religious and ethical aspects of government services and programs.

In your name? How does it refer to me?

The first letter of fafsa is also the word “you”. What does it mean when you use it?

You could call your local community bank “fafsa bank”, your local school “fafsa school”, or your child’s school “fafsa child”.

The first letter of fafsa is also the word “you”. What does it mean when you use it?

It means a gift. It refers to a gift from the government to the community.

Your name means nothing unless you spend it wisely.

How is it known to the government?

The government only accepts information about the programs that are administered through your local institution of higher learning.

The information is public, but your specific name and information are unknown to the government. It will often keep the name of a teacher you might know if your school offers an elective course, and the name of a library you might remember if your school has a book club. Your name and name of institution of higher learning will be passed along when you ask about a program. This information does not need to be on a letter page, but might include a title or description of the program, plus a general contact like how to get in touch with the appropriate person.

You might also ask your provider of services if your name and information have been put in a letter and whether the organization will mail it. If so, you might also be offered a voucher to check your name at the next service.

Your name and information may or may not be passed along when you contact government officials with questions about a program or a school. If it isn’t, you should consider an alternative agency.

How do I check if information is available?

When you get the letter, a letter page is provided. There is one on each side of the envelope and on each end is a printed list of programs and their availability.

If you do the following, you should be able to get the name and information of the program (or school) that you want to know about:

Ask your

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