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“We knew there were going to be problems,” David Cope said of his son’s accident. “It’s a shame the family can’t work something out.

“The family is still in shock. But the family has done so well that I feel for them. They have done so well in a small town this is just unacceptable for them.

“I’m not saying (Lorenzo has the right) but I don’t feel bad about it.”

Cope said he had not seen the accident report, but said the state police initially said he saw his son fall off the trailer and then it became clear he was in the middle of the roadway.

In its report, the state police said Lorenzo Cope told the state police he “had to cross the street to get to his car and lost control.”

Cope had been riding in an RV trailer, said his father, a former emergency medical technician. He said he was hit at the intersection of Cope Road and Cope Canyon Road, a rural, narrow, twisty road filled with old cemeteries, a few miles from the small resort town of Lake Havasu City.

“He was in the roadway and went over the hill and then hit the side of the trailer,” Cope said.

Lorenzo Cope said his father suffered a fractured femur and suffered a broken leg but did not mention the broken leg. His son has asked to be released to his parents until he can go to an Oregon hospital.

“He was talking about doing some rehab for his leg. I told him, ‘When you get here, you need more rehab in terms of your back injury. I’ve had it for 20 years,'” David Cope said.

David Cope said he does not want Lorenzo Cope to go to an Oregon or California hospital, for fear “that if he goes to an Oregon hospital that he’s going to get hurt again.”

On the phone, David Cope said he told Lorenzo Cope, “The only thing I can do is pray for you.”

Cope said Lorenzo called shortly afterward to tell him that he survived on his own. He said he did not know how long Lorenzo Cope was in the crash, but he remembered him being on the telephone.

He said the accident did not affect his home life because there were no injuries. His daughter, Lisa Cope, said Lorenzo Cope has been driving a BMW motorcycle