Is government grant an asset?

If you are granted a land title, what is your legal name and what name are you legally designated as?

What rights/duties will these titles give the property owner? Should these titles include the owner’s share of the land?

What is the definition of the property’s use? Will the title convey the land to everyone or is it reserved for the land’s primary use?

Does the title convey a person’s ownership right or is it that of the local government?

What is “exclusive usage”? How much of the title will the actual owner be allowed to use?

What is “use” and what are the boundaries of the use?

How much is reserved for local use and how much for public use? What are the boundaries of the local use?

What are the limits of public use? What are the boundaries of this specific use?

What rights and duties do the title grant? What are they?

Is the owner entitled to any payment or compensation to be made from the property. If so, how much and at what time? What are other rights and obligations that the land owner is entitled to?

What has the owner done with the land? What has been done with the property that might be allowed under the title?

What is a conveyance of title? What rights does the land owner have under his/her title at land transfer?

What are the legal rights of the title-holder as well as any title and interest that the land holder was actually entitled to before the title was granted?

What is the use?

Land Title Transfer Laws in Georgia

Title of land in Georgia is considered a right of the person owning or renting land by either a deed or land title.

The “legal” title to a property generally includes all of the rights and duties that belong to the person or legal entity possessing the land such as:

Rights to use the premises

Land in trust for use by the owner

The rights to make and receive payments on a land contract

And title of the land will generally include:

The right to rent the land to the owner,

The right to bequeath to the owner the property

The right to collect a certain amount of rent

And if there are more than 5 people on the property, ownership of the property will also include:

The right to receive compensation from one of the other parties