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We have a problem in the UK. As a result of the Brexit that started last week and to continue with the current status quo, the British public expects their MPs to do little or nothing to protect their economy – the people’s capital.

The Prime Minister’s recent speech and subsequent press conference were a case in point. Her words were to be followed shortly by a “clear-out” of the public sector, with the abolition of all “non-performing” public sector contracts. The idea here (and the one espoused by George Osborne prior to the EU referendum) is to create a state of uncertainty and economic chaos to weaken public support for any attempt at renegotiation, especially since Britain would be no longer bound by WTO rules.
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What this means is that the British public is now forced (without a vote) to assume that the government (or indeed the Labour MP who represents their constituency) will do nothing to prevent them being crushed by austerity and austerity-lite. This is what led to Mrs May’s speech at the end of August, an attempt to reassure the public that the government was in control.

Now, despite this, the government has finally launched its own Brexit-inspired “economic plan”. This came from the prime minister today as well as ministers Nick Hurd and Liam Fox who wrote its foreword. The “plan” consists of a series of steps being planned, with implementation set to begin in less than 14 months.

This is a classic instance of government policy being run by the Tories and it is worth noting that this is at a time when there is a significant public sector job vacancy in the British Labour Party.

The “plan” itself – which is only available to the public as an email attachment and not in the published “paper” itself – consists of three items that will be implemented within 14 months:

A government-approved “jobs guarantee” whereby the public sector will