What are discretionary grants? – Government Grants For Small Business Scotland

A discretionary grant is an award to help you meet a particular requirement or benefit. For example, a discretionary grant may be used to help pay for an exam, a course, or an annual membership that you already have. It also can be used as a supplement to a regular award if you are enrolled in a course that is not available in the area you are applying.


Income isn’t a necessary element of the award.

What happens if there is no income?

Sometimes we apply income for the whole applicant. The income may be from someone else, from your former profession or from government benefits.

What if you qualify for the whole award?

Sometimes we apply the amount of the award as a lump sum or as part of a lump sum. This means that you’re getting a very small amount of money for a very large amount of work. You may qualify for a discretionary grant if the total award doesn’t cover all that you need and can’t cover the entirety of your costs.

We don’t look at your previous occupation or work experience to see whether you’ll need a discretionary grant. Your previous experience could give you some insight into what you need to do to get the whole right, however.

Does the income test apply to everyone?

No. We consider the type of work and the number of qualifications that you’ve held. The income test is part of the main decision to help us determine whether you’ll need a discretionary grant. The income test is a factor we consider only if there is an alternative, non-compulsory job that suits your qualifications. The level of income does not necessarily need to be the full amount you need.

Which occupations are covered?

Income will be assessed on the basis of your salary and employment history, and experience.

How do I find out more?

For more information, check out our income test and other information.

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