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“We have a large federal grant program specifically targeted to support the implementation of our recommendations to reduce the burden on cities, counties, and state and local governments to invest in broadband deployment. It’s the only federal grant program in operation. It has had incredible success at making sure our cities and counties have access to affordable and competitive broadband. But it’s a very small portion of the overall budget — just under $10 billion in total over the five year period.”

“If you include programs like state-level and federal broadband initiatives, as well as grants, grants, and contracts, we estimate our total investment in broadband has been about $40 billion, though that’s not what it seems. What it amounts to is billions of dollars of public support for the creation of high-speed access networks, over and above the government subsidies that make the actual investment in infrastructure possible.” – John Legere

“A lot of companies in the broadband sector are already using that kind of money for acquisitions or capital expenditures. It’s something we’ve seen. It’s not something the FCC really has to look deeply and make any effort at all given the fact that our country as a whole has this enormous capacity and the costs to access communications are so much lower than they are in most of the rest of the world.” – John Legere

“Our proposal would fund a number of very ambitious programs and initiatives. I’ll focus on just two: broadband deployment, and the FCC’s efforts to help municipalities that are interested in making smart investments in broadband in urban neighborhoods. We think these are the key things that are needed in order to give every area a level playing field — no matter how large it is.” – Jon Leibowitz

What exactly can the FCC do with money it raises? “There already have been a number of initiatives under the recent stimulus, the Recovery Act and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act to help reduce the cost of broadband. We believe that those efforts — and those of many other agencies — can help to speed and extend the completion of some of these projects.” – John Legere
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What about the cost? “The cost to the taxpayer is $1.5 trillion a year, plus or minus a few dollars for every individual consumer. That includes those who are paying in through premiums or direct subsidies. It also includes the amount spent on overhead and subsidies. We estimate it at around $100 billion, but not quite. The question at the beginning of the interview is whether that $100 billion is

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