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The federal block grant program was created in 1996 and was intended to assist the poorest of Americans and to help them with education. Over the past decade the program has been expanded with new funding, increased use of block grants and increased reliance on block grants for other parts of public health and safety. The number of people who are using the federal block grant program remains fairly small, but the impact on funding and use has been enormous and can often not be accurately counted.

What do I need to complete my application?
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You must complete this form by the deadline established by state regulators. The forms also can be downloaded from the state’s website at

Do my income taxes apply to my application?

You must ask your state or local officials if this applies to you. Your tax information may be entered into the state exchange or at the online application portal linked to and entered during the online application process. After you submit your application, federal, state and local tax agencies will search for the name, street address, phone number and social security number of each eligible applicant. You must also submit a copy of your application and return in case there are any changes to your information, including changes in income or residency.

Will I use the online application site to apply for health insurance for my family if my husband is not able to work because of illness or injury?

No and if necessary, you may need to return to the local office for a visit by a health insurance specialist.

How do the eligibility requirements for the Medicaid program differ from the federal, state and local government requirements?

Medicaid is a federal and state-funded program that helps low-income people in the state get health care. However, like the federal eligibility requirements for Medicaid, the program allows eligible people to stay on Medicaid eligibility even if they lose their employment because of one of the benefits, such as being treated for serious illnesses or disabilities for which the state has health coverage. To find out more about Medicaid eligibility requirements visit:

When will federal and state grants for public health and safety pay for activities?

Public health and safety activities include activities such as the inspection, testing, control and enforcement of public health and safety rules, including requirements for testing, labeling or advertising in public schools, public parks and other public places that is not paid

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