What are hardship funds? – Government Grants For Homeownership

A hardship fund allows you to pay your monthly rent in full if you’re unable to meet your monthly rent payment because of financial difficulties. For example:

the amount you’re expected to pay in rent is higher than your available savings

State Government grants for Darling Downs businesses to ...
you take out a loan to pay your mortgage

the amount you borrow is higher than your income

you are unable to pay your rent

Your hardship fund manager can help you set up a hardship fund or recommend some help that you can get.

There’s no escaping this: when you take home a new laptop from Apple, a significant amount of the electronics you buy will run Mac OS X. If the company were to drop the open-source operating system from its latest and greatest Macbooks, or if some users were to leave the OS completely behind as some have suggested, a lot of the world’s most popular computers couldn’t work as well. It’s a bit of an uncomfortable situation, one that is likely to become more widespread the longer Apple holds onto an operating system with such a large and loyal user base.


This week, we spoke to one of Apple’s top engineers, Jonathan Ive, to get more specific about the situation of removing both OS X and its core apps. What follows is our own experience of removing Mac OS X and everything it brought along with it. I’ve tried to follow the original company-provided instructions I received and tried to figure out everything that Apple says you need in order to fully uninstall a company’s operating system from your new Macbook. If you’re interested in learning more, you can refer to that original article here: Why I’ve Had a Macbook Deleted from My iCloud Account

I’ve been wanting a Raspberry Pi for about two years now. But I’ve never owned a Pi before. There are plenty of cheap (or even non-working) PCs running Linux, but none that really appeal to me.

Today, however, that all changed.

I just acquired my very first Raspberry Pi and after an hour or two of tinkering and testing, I managed to get it up and running on a desktop. You see, the Pi has an SD card slot for a built-in, small USB to micro-USB cable. The cable is built to be a little bit longer than most USB cables you see and it fits nicely into the slot. Because it’s built to fit so closely to the slot, it comes with a standard USB USB hub.

When I first

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