What are the 2 types of grant in aid? – Government Grants For Rehab Housing In Oregon

How to apply?

There is no guarantee of funds. Grant is based on a person’s personal financial circumstances.

Will an income-related grant go to someone on a low income?

No. This is not considered a low-income grant. A grant will only be used to pay your bills for the following expenses:

Health costs that need to be covered

Utilities (oil, gas, electricity)

Food and water, for example if you are living on just food and a little food from the local food bank.

Where can I get more help?

If you are facing problems with bills such as:

How do I apply for a grant?

Contact the Grant Service Centre between the hours of 09:00–21:00, Monday to Friday. The staff are available on 021 222 1141 to discuss your situation.

Image copyright Other Image caption The new laws are opposed by unions and the SNP, who are worried about industrial action being sparked within the public sector

Scotland’s public sector unions have called on Holyrood to amend a new law which is likely to cost millions of pounds.

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUSGE) said the changes would make it harder for Scotland’s “best and brightest” to find an EU job.

The Scottish Government said the government was considering introducing the changes.

But the SNP said it was “disappointing” that the law was designed to benefit the “haves”.

NUSGE’s general secretary Paul Kenny said the law was a “step backwards” and would give the impression that public sector jobs came at a lower premium for employers.

“Scotland’s public sector is in need of new laws to address the skills and recruitment shortages that are currently affecting the business and financial markets,” he said.

“Instead, we see new powers introduced to allow the Scottish government to push ahead with damaging new laws that will impact on some of Scotland’s most talented and ambitious people and companies.

“This will have adverse consequences for the world of work and recruitment.”

And the pro-independence SNP said: “It’s disappointing that the Scottish government is considering introducing restrictions to the recruitment of highly talented talent in Scotland’s public sector.”

The government said it was considering changes to the law following a report by the independent Expert Panel on Public Sector Skills.

However, it added: “All measures, including the changes

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