What are the 3 types of grants? – Federal Government Grants Solutions Government

A) Grants of money (that is the equivalent of a scholarship)

B) Research grants

C) Grants of work time

Which grants should I apply for?

Grant of work time can be from other institutions (e schools etc) or from government (e.g. NHRC). In Canada, there are 4 types of grants of work time:

A) Postgraduate research grant

B) Postgraduate scholarship

C) Graduate degree grants

D) Grants for graduate work

I have never applied for a research grant before. What should I expect?

If you are in your undergraduate degree program, you will be expected to apply for any awards you receive, if they are relevant to your programme. (It is often a matter of individual interests, but you should not be surprised if the person you are applying to grants from disagrees with you.) You may see it as a waste of time or you may not even know (or can not understand what it means) that you need to apply to any awards because they may no usefully apply to you.

It is very important that you apply to all of the awards that you are qualified for. There is a great number of other scholarships that can be accepted by undergraduate students but you and your future research will benefit from these grants if you apply to these (although you may not qualify).

Do I have to start applying?

Generally, the process of applying for work and research grants is not very difficult. You need to apply to one or more awards and write a statement or essay on the purpose of your research, the expected outcome of your work, how much money you expect to receive (from the grant or otherwise) and how you intend to spend your money. You should also check a list of the awards. I highly recommend visiting the NHRC website.

For academic awards I will use this link to go to the application website. I will then need to wait for the notification of my award to the UK and for the acknowledgement to the NHRC. Your application will remain in the file that I have on my desktop and will be available as an emailed attachment once the NHRC receives it.

It is worth noting that the awards are only accepted when you submit your application. Many are also only offered during the summer.

How long should I wait to start applying?

You must wait until you have completed a first term of undergraduate work before starting an application for your

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