What are the 3 types of grants? – I Need Financial Help Immediately

The three categories of grant are:

Eligible projects: All projects that are not classified as “private commercial work,” “advisory,” or “professional service” and are at least 40 weeks in duration.

Private industry: These projects are privately funded by the state or private sector in order to promote and/or support the general welfare of the public. They are generally not publicly funded, but may include public-private partnerships.

Local government: These projects are performed for the local government.

How do you determine which projects are eligible for grants?

The State Department’s Grants Program Services Division, the Grants Division of the Bureau of Administration, and other state agencies provide assistance to state and local agencies to determine which projects may be eligible for State Department grant money. (See more information below.) The Grants Division (GP) works directly with the State Department in processing grants and determining eligibility (including determining what projects to grant).

When evaluating which projects are eligible for State Department grants, the Grants Division will review the following criteria:

The purpose, performance, and results of the project, if applicable;

The financial resources of the project(s) to carry out the project;

The level of expertise of the project;

The need and need for the project;

The potential for substantial impact of the project on the environment;

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The economic feasibility of the project; and,

If the project is primarily a private benefit, the anticipated benefit for the project.

How did the State Department determine which projects will be eligible for the State Department grants?

The State Department has used a variety of grant programs to help local governments implement its program, including grants through the EPA, through the U.S. Postal Service, and through the State Department’s Program for Disaster Assistance to assist states in implementing grants.

The most recent available funding opportunity for local governments, the Presidential Proclamation for State Department Grants to Communities (PPDG), was issued on August 20, 2008. This program provided an additional $50.3 million dollar for States that need the help of other federal entities to help with disaster recovery and relief activities. As always, applicants, especially local governments, are encouraged to contact their State Department representatives to review the grants and application process.

Where do I go to apply?

Applications to apply under this program are available for local governments, counties, cities, townships, water districts, and tribal lands. Applications

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