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They provide an immediate source of funds to the organizations you want to help. It also makes you eligible for additional funds through a federal, state, or local program, but remember that grants aren’t guaranteed.

Can I apply to multiple grants without waiting?


It is possible to apply to multiple grants at once, so there is no longer a “waiting” period—you get a small, temporary grant immediately. That said, there may still be a waiting period if you have a lot of applications, or if applying by mail is not convenient for many people. A grant may be denied for any reason, including the fact that you haven’t applied before.

As with any grant, the more the merrier! For example, you can apply to over 100 grants in one month!

How does my application process work?

You can apply to as many grants and apply for money as you like!

Goverment Grants for Women Starting a Small Business (With ...
Step 1: Write an abstract

The idea of these awards is that the grant is going to an organization whose work you find inspiring, that you trust, and that has an impressive track record of being responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups. (This includes homeless shelters, migrant youth, domestic workers, young people with disabilities, and others.) For many people, this abstract does not include all the details of your application, so if you can, do the following first:

Take some time to write down a summary sentence or two from the abstract of your project or other idea. This gives you an idea of what the details in the abstract are likely to include.

If you haven’t already, send a cover letter to the grant recipient with the abstract of your proposal, including any additional supporting material such as photographs or videos, for review.

Include the following information for the person to whom you are submitting the application: your name, the name of your organization, the number of grants you are applying for, and the name and state where you would like the grant to make a total distribution to.

Once the application is accepted, your application will be posted online! If you can’t find the application online, please call your state office to confirm—some will have the application with this information already, while others will have to check with a regional office on their area (e.g. New York, Massachusetts, or Tennessee) first; in some cases, you may be given some information about the application at both a regional office in your

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