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Are there any grants for the unemployed?

Yes — there are many types available to those who qualify, and are typically focused on specific communities. For example, there are unemployment grants that help those in the low-wage jobs sector, such as the public sector, private and public contractors, the military, and many others. The grant programs are often a means to help alleviate the jobless.

How do federal, state, or local governments get the money for a community-service grant?

Generally a community-service grant will need to be approved by each government and the local county or a “community action committee” formed by them. The local committees usually come up with a set list of services that will be provided and allocate the remaining funds to each local community for the service. The local committee then must be granted approval prior to the grant going out for award.

What about some grants only go to the unemployment or low-skilled jobs sectors? Are they all the same?

Yes, any type of grant can go to the low-skilled jobs sector, but they need a lot more than just jobs. For example — when a government-funded organization provides services to a community, they also need food, shelter and other services — both directly and through government resources.

The grants are generally awarded for three or four years, generally in the spring and fall. When awarded, the funding is then divided between the grantees and the affected communities. There are many community-service grants in use today, usually for homeless projects and projects that are more focused on local needs.

Are these grants for a specific time period, like a year and/or a period?

All community-service grants are for the same amount of time, but there may be a period of time where new recipients can be added to the pool for more funding.

What types of projects are used by the government for these grants, what are their goals, etc.?

Here’s a short list of a few:

Food assistance. For example, there may be food banks, soup kitchens, and other social service providers that provide emergency relief to the community’s needy. These groups can often be supported by the government in a variety of ways:

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Contracting out services. If a local group does not have financial resources to provide the project and needs money from the grant, they can ask the government for funding.

Community outreach and counseling. If a group in the community seeks to provide counseling

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