What do you call someone who gives a grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs Canada

I know a few.

And do you ever think of calling them “grasper”?

Not exactly. I mean, the most generous is called an “earner.” But even when you’re just being generous, you can be a very different person—which is what I mean.

Do you feel generous?

I like a little bit of help—because then your life just seems so much more important and so much harder to live than it could be. I think that the best sort of help and the best sort of generosity—of course—is self-discipline.

I think that self-discipline is one of the most important things in life. And I think that, you know, there is an element of self-discipline in the kind of work that I do. It’s sort of the last step of self-actualization and the best way to really reach your potential.

The way that you and I work is very different. You and I work as a couple, for example.

Absolutely. One of the things about couples here is a lot of times you just sort of get along and you both get along with your partner on a level that might not be apparent to other people. It’s almost like you have an inner relationship, a spiritual relationship with your spouse.


So my wife and I are very supportive of each other, but there’s a very clear divide between our work.

I’ve noticed in writing your book that you’re a very good listener and you have a very strong and specific view of where you want to go for your life. And I have a friend that is a professor in Seattle—she’s an expert on sustainability. She’s a very effective, well-connected academic—but she’s also an incredible person and a very wise, intelligent woman. She, like I say, has had a wonderful experience in this field, but she doesn’t think the way that maybe many people do, that there’s a lot to be gained by just walking away from the world, by simply being a cog in the machine. And I can very well see where she sees it. But I also think that a lot of what comes out of that position—I mean, I’m sure there’s plenty of good work out there. I have a huge respect for the work in sustainability. A whole lot of it’s wonderful, but it’s also something that seems to be quite limiting for all but the very

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