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The Central Florida Food Banks Foundation (CIF), which is the non-profit that distributes CIF Grant funds for the Food Share program, began using the program in 2013 when the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided more than $800,000 in funding. For more information on Food Share programs, please contact our office.

How to apply

To apply to be a Food Share Volunteer, visit our webpage for information and to submit your application.

Can I help with food/cooking?

No, all volunteers need to participate in the full Food Share program. Food Share Volunteers are limited to cooking meals from donated food or to providing non-factory-produced meals at the volunteer residence, or can participate in the food distribution.
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What if no one has applied to help share the food?

We are now accepting applications for those who are available to help share the food. Applicants will need to submit a letter via the application box which will include contact information for their household and a description of how you and your household will share meals. Please note that we will accept a maximum of one application per household. For more information regarding the Food Share program, please visit our website.

By John K. Whitehead, C.S.C., Ph.D.

In my recent book, The Enemies Within: The Dangerous Growth of Federal Power and the Abuse of Our Constitutional Republic, I reported on more than four decades’ worth of research documenting U.S. government activities, often of a highly questionable nature, that have led to the growth of a police-military state.

In the years since I first published that report, the U.S. has been at the forefront of militarization, and our military is preparing for the worst. According to President Obama, our military plans are “to transform America” as well as “the world.”

Yet, for many decades, our government has been systematically expanding its police powers. Our government has also pursued and funded activities, and policies, that have resulted in mass arrests and surveillance of millions of people.

Now, two years after the Department of Justice reported on its Operation Choke Point investigation to the media, it has been revealed that the department has also been conducting a vast spying operation of its own on the telecommunications infrastructure of all 50 states in an effort to monitor “troublemakers.”

This unprecedented intrusion of government into all aspects of our lives has been undertaken to monitor what the U

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