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A direct grant is the one that directly supports the production, distribution, and marketing of a program. A direct grant is used to help fund a specific program by reducing the cost of the overall program. The amount distributed from a direct grant is the amount received by the federal government.

How does the Direct Funding Program work?

The Direct Funding Program provides funds to state universities that support student financial aid programs through a wide variety of sources. States can choose to direct these funds to the most appropriate student support programs such as:

Student Financial Aid (SFA)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Student Employment

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Student Work Study

Tuition assistance

Tuition assistance may be administered by either state universities or community colleges.

Direct Funds may also be allocated to state and community colleges through the Federal Work Study program. The federal Work Study program is aimed at providing a means to assist students with financial assistance that has been deferred due to a student’s age, disability, or participation in a program of study not supported by the state.

Note: Many federal student aid programs are tied to a specific type of educational program, such as for the purpose of assisting students that are eligible for special programs or who receive a Pell Grant. For more information about these grants please visit the Student Financial Aid website.

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