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Funding for a project usually comes in the form of a grant, which is a legally mandated payment from one person or organization to another to make up for a shortfall in the amount of money that has already been committed to the project. If the recipient is seeking funding for a specific project, the total cost of that project must be estimated according to a project scope, budget, schedule, and specific schedule of the work being done.

Is there any federal tax credit available that may offset part of the project costs?

To qualify for a federal tax credit you may need to apply for a limited deduction on your federal tax return. This is done by writing to the IRS and showing evidence of the cost of the project to your financial aid or higher education institution.

You may also be able to pay some or all of the costs of the project yourself, but if you are doing this, make sure you are eligible for this tax credit. In order to make this deduction, you must have an income that falls below $200 a year or you must be retired and self employed.

Where can I find out more about grants and what are the criteria to receive?

You can find more information on the government grants policy section of the College Board website here or in this link:

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