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He has one trait; a sense of humour. His greatest weapon is not his ability to deliver punches, it is his knowledge of the history of the sport. He is a great teacher and one of the great fighters that Australia has had.”

media_camera Nick Tarnell’s last fight was against Steve Dudding and he retired following this fight. Picture Gregg Porteous

AAP will have full coverage of the world number two on Fight Night 23. Watch the fight live from Perth on Fox Sports 1 from 5.00pm on Saturday.

If you find yourself with a car battery leak, there are a number of options, depending on where the leak is located. Some drivers will have to fill the battery and replace the whole system; others will only have to replace a few battery cells. But if you have already taken steps to keep the batteries from catching fire, you may just want to replace the battery, right?

A couple quick tips to help you figure out if it’s worth it to replace a battery to prevent a battery fire: Don’t use a battery cleaner that contains lithium metal. If you do, there is a good chance the lithium metal will seep into the battery system through the electrolyte.

Don’t attempt to drain the batteries at a high load. If the charge level has declined, any electrical current will be diverted through the cells to fire the battery.

A battery replacement should be carried out every 30 days. If you have a car with a battery that won’t last 30 days without the battery recharging, it may be worth checking the system for leaks and repairing those leaks before the battery needs to be replaced.

A recent post on the Internet by a man with the handle “Randy Stots” (who claims to be former CIA chief of counterintelligence) and then quoted several other anonymous people who claim to know people who are actually involved in “dirty tricks” operations against the U.S., provides ample information to suggest that most all of these people are liars.

The poster is claiming that he was working with a group at an American university to track down a couple that had taken advantage of a small loophole within the immigration laws. They were in possession of fake identification for work in the hospitality business and had a “couple of thousand dollars” in their pockets that were taken from them by a couple of “lone wolfs.” He gave a name and location of the hotel where the couple was staying. The hotel and the police found and questioned

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