What is DHHS financial program?

State Health Department is responsible for maintaining and updating a comprehensive online database with financial information for individuals and commercial entities who are engaged in the development, acquisition or maintenance of health care products and services and other programs required by law or by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The State Health Department (SHD) may provide information regarding fees charged by providers and organizations in order to inform individuals and employers when they choose to purchase coverage on the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces and when the State decides to allow insurance companies to terminate coverage.

What are the requirements of the DHHS Financial Program?

The DHHS Financial Program is aimed at providing financial relief for people who wish to purchase health insurance on the marketplace and for people who want to access it through a self-insured group or health carrier plan.

How is DHHS financial program used?
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DHHS Financial Program is available for individuals and commercial entities as a way of providing information on the cost of health insurance, the availability and cost of available benefits, and when to enroll in or enroll in health insurance coverage.

DHHS and its affiliates are committed to providing information to people who wish to receive information and services about their health insurance options.

Is there an application form?

Yes. The application form for the SHD program in Colorado is available by calling (800) 322-2222 or visiting the application website at

How long does DHHS Financial Program last?

The SHD Financial Program is administered by the Federal Financial Management Service of the Office of Management and Budget.

Is it mandatory for all individuals or organizations to participate?

No, it is optional for individuals or commercial entities.

Do I have to have any assets?


Can I apply while a student at Colorado State University?

Students may apply to the SHD for financial assistance while attending Colorado State University without any requirements.

Can I apply if I already have a health insurance policy?

Yes. The SHD Financial Program is available to individuals without individual health insurance.

How do I apply by mail or online?

You may apply for SHD Financial Assistance Online by visiting the SHD financial program site at

Can I apply by telephone?



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