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The DHHS financial program allows a qualified individual or estate to have a Social Security disability benefits payment made directly to the deceased as a settlement in the Social Security Disability Benefit Litigation.

What benefits can be earned under the DSH?

No, one benefit received by a beneficiary does not qualify for a survivor’s benefits from the Social Security Disability Plan. You must include all benefits earned through the DSH in the income of the beneficiary.

Does the DSH affect the survivor benefit?

Yes, and that is the main reason why someone who received benefits with a DSH still qualifies for the survivor benefits when they die.

Will I be able to take a survivor’s benefits in the future?

Yes, if you were able to participate in the Survivor’s Earned Income Program (SEP) and continue receiving the benefits and have worked as a full-time employee after you died. The benefits for the survivor may not continue once the survivor receives benefits.

What is being done with the benefit for the DSH?

The Social Security Administration is moving some of the DSH benefits to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. If you are not yet enrolled in the SSSDI, there is no difference in benefits between the two programs.

How to learn more about Social Security benefits and Social Security disability benefits in your state.

What to do if you need assistance with a disability claim.

If you need help with a disability claim, see our Help section.

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