What is the max grant?

What are the criteria for obtaining? And why are the funding agencies giving out so much money to these types of researchers?

My guess is: to try to save the Earth (via vaccines, pesticides, etc.).

Here’s a nice video showing why vaccines hurt kids.

They’re going to try to convince you that vaccines are safe and effective, even though there’s zero evidence that a vaccine is effective. No one has a proof that their vaccine causes any harm. You can’t make an informed decision, no matter what. You just have to take the vaccine propaganda seriously.

This should be no surprise, since you are supposed to trust the government, when it comes to their vaccines (which only work on people who have previously had a flu shot). But if you’re not a “real citizen”, like a member of Congress or a governor, then you should be aware of what’s actually going on in your state in order to make your own decisions. I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories, but I think I would have been surprised.

The following video explains this concept quite well:

The following information is from another site (my favorite source):

Most of the grants are for $500 or less. There are more than a dozen grant programs (not listed) where $400 to $600 grants per year are available. Most do not have a public website and the grant recipients do not advertise the projects and programs on their own websites. Some grant recipients use social media to raise funds for their efforts, though these are almost never publicized and not listed on grant awards websites. There also are many grant-seeking organizations that do not solicit money from their organizations or the general public. The grants are awarded to projects that “could not be funded any other way” (i.e. research done with private money only). As the description of certain grant requirements puts it, this includes “research that has been done without money from research grants provided by governments or industry” and “investigation of subjects that are not eligible for NIH-supported research” (i.e. patients in their homes or hospitals). Grants for research on human subjects are not funded for any other reason than for “the protection of research subjects”.

In many cases there are multiple research projects on the same topic; they all have the same goals. And none of them have to do with human beings. In fact, some research is funded so that the researchers can do medical research on animals which would not be available to