Who is entitled to a free boiler replacement? – Government Programs For Small Business Startup

The landlord must give his tenant a signed lease stating whether the free repair is included

the lease must state that the free repair is included if this is the only repair that’s needed in the lease term, or if other repairs can be covered with a separate contract. It is not compulsory

the free repair is to be fixed before the tenant moves out, meaning that any breaks and breaks after the first move out must be repaired

the free repair must not be for the same problem again

the free repair must be paid for by the landlord and must be included in the rent

the free repair is to be paid for within 14 days of the tenant moving out

The notice, the notice period, and the fee for repairs must be in writing and both parties have been given at least 30 days’ notice. If you move out but have not received any written notice, the landlord can request that you sign a notice of return.

What kind of repairs can the free boiler repairs be made?

The landlord is allowed to make any repairs that don’t cost them money, but the landlord can only make them if they use:

new or refurbished heating stock and appliances

new or refurbished boiler supplies

electricity or gas, water and gas lines

new or refurbished heating systems

new or refurbished boiler or pressure boiler (which are different in many cases)

The landlord must also give the tenant an opportunity to use the heater before doing any work so they don’t get an unfair advantage.

The landlord can’t make these repairs if they don’t meet the minimum maintenance standards set by:

the Energy Protection Act 2009

the Safe Drinking Water and Wastewater Act 1992

the Gas and Electricity Supply Act 1980

The landlord must replace the boiler and its supply if a gas or electrical fault means the gas or electricity supply has become unsafe or unusable, or if a gas boiler or electrical fault has caused the water or gas pressure cooker to stop working.

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