Who is entitled to a free boiler replacement?

The owner of a steam boiler in Australia must be liable for replacing the boiler in your home within 3 years of purchase or transfer.

You can only claim the replacement if you signed the boiler contract.

If you’ve taken delivery of a boiler where the boiler was previously owned, you are still liable for the boiler replacement.

For more information, see our boiler replacement article.

Claiming compensation for defective goods

Under Australian law, if you don’t agree with a product on the basis of its advertised features, you may be able to make a complaint about the advertised feature, which may or may not be correct (depending on your circumstances).

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, if you think a product or service offered on a website or from an organisation or supplier does not meet your expectations, you may be able to take legal action against the company offering the product or service under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

What you can challenge includes:

informations (such as claims made on advertisements on websites)

claims made on the website

claims made about goods and services made or supplied by someone else, for example, by the seller or manufacturer

claims made on advertising, such as whether a product is appropriate, suitable or effective and whether the product comes with all or part of the agreed statement

claims made by third parties or on the website

claims made about services by another company, such as a supplier

claims made by a service provider or third party

claims made by others who appear to have control of the product, such as a contractor

claims made by a person who has bought the product, for example, a customer or a business partner

claims made about other goods or services that are included in the advertised sale

claims about any products or services that you think may have been tampered with, such as by mistake, fraud or misrepresentation.

You may also be able to claim compensation if a product or service has been misused. For example, if you’ve damaged a product or service using it for a purpose other than for the intended use, you may be able to claim compensation under section 51 of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Find out what’s on the Consumer Guarantees Act.

How much compensation you can expect

If you haven’t bought a steam boiler before and find one that looks and functions well, it is likely to