Who qualifies for small business grants? – Vic State Government Grants Covid 19

Any business that meets the following criteria (see the Department of State for assistance):

Lives within 50 miles of the University of Connecticut campus (excluding the campus-owned and leased buildings)

Employs between 20 and 50 workers, and

Operates three or more outlets in downtown Connecticut

The business must have established a web site within 60 days of closing, or the last day for which a web site or other facility will be accessible can be extended for 90 days by submitting an application with a link to the web site, including a telephone number on the web site, which must be active during the extension period . The application must include information about how the business plans to keep its website current and relevant, and how it intends to use that website for advertising, promotions, and any other communications.

The successful small business grant applicant will be invited for an interview at the Department of State. The applicant must complete the application form and pay DSP/State Business Services the appropriate fee. The applicant will then receive notification of the next available grant amount.

How do I apply for a small business grant?

Submit application forms through the Department of State web site below or by calling (860) 764-5550 (voice only) or (860) 774-3114 and request the application form. You will be required to verify your identity and will be given additional instructions at the time the application is submitted.

How do I apply for a small business grant?

To request an application form:

Complete your application with all of the materials that pertain to your small business. It is important that you include your address in the box below because the Department of State will not be able to accept a small business grant for an address other than the one displayed on the application, regardless of how much information you have provided. Complete all of the supplemental material requested by the application. If you wish to include additional materials not required by the application process, you must complete the application form and attach them along with the other paperwork. You will be required to provide any additional material not requested but not provided. Please do not submit additional materials that are not listed on the application.

The application is due to the Department of State on or before March 15 of each year. If you cannot make your deadline to apply for Small Business Grant on any given date please do not apply.

When do I have to start working on my application?

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