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In most instances the answer is no, because of weight and other performance factors. If you’re really going fast, there’s no reason to be lighter or shorter in order to make up for the extra speed you’re gaining in muscle mass. You either need to make good use of the time you already have or make room for new gains that are coming.

You see, if you’re racing and you’re doing well, you’re going to want to take the time you have to get up to another level. You must take the time to get in shape. The key is to find the right timing for you. This is the same as training.

If I do a heavy heavy workout, then I get in a few days between workouts and the rest of the season is more relaxed, I can go through it faster. The key is to make sure I keep the rest of the season in line.

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That is the key to a successful racing career. When I’m training for a race, I want to be in an optimal form so I’ll be better able to race harder and faster in my performance. If I’m in an optimal condition I can race harder while still being comfortable in the saddle. It’s not really a question of form or power or whatever it is many people think it is. I think we use form and power interchangeably. What I’m getting at is that we’re looking at a performance level of a top level champion.

I see so many people who say, “I’m in shape, so I won’t look like this”, when in fact everyone knows they won’t look like this because they have no power. The problem with this is that when you’re in a state of comfort, and you are in an optimal state of fitness, you will have power to do what you need to do.

I’ll use an example from track racing, to explain this a little bit better.

Let’s say you go into a race and you’re just looking to improve. You feel like you’re going to have enough power to win. You can go out and do everything you want and take the lead. You make it to the win but then your knee gives out. In the last lap, you take your foot off the gas, but your energy level is still high enough to go out and win.

How much power do you have in the pedal stroke? Can you ride faster?


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