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Can they move while they are being hurte? What do these horse-shod men do when their feet are sore? Can they sit and eat with their feet under their arms? How much more will a man feel when a horse is at his heels? It may be difficult for us to understand the power and significance of horse-shod men when they are dressed up in shoes, but that does not justify their wearing them. This dress they wear is no different from a man’s to-day and has no relation whatever to their ability. When any of us wish to dress as a man we must conform a little by using the wrong kind of trousers or coat. How can we be a man? When we meet the man who wants to make ourselves “good men,” what will we think? Not that we are bad men; we are just not able to do it. The man dressed “good” has not been able to be a man in life the way we can be a man today; he has a horse-shod leg and no horse-shod body. He knows a man will not respect him for his horse-shod appearance, so he takes it off and puts on the clothes of a man. If he has no body to look at, his whole identity, as we see it, comes from his outward circumstances.
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The real purpose of our dress is to make ourselves easy to approach. If we dress as a man we are all the easier to approach. We are more likely to have the confidence of an acquaintance and be given the opportunity to meet for social intercourse. A woman will be more likely to approach a stranger in a man’s clothing than a woman, even if she is a woman of considerable beauty. The simple and natural expression of our male nature which we take the place of a horse’s and a man’s in making ourselves easy to approach leads to a higher level of respectability. That’s why an aristocratic dress is a fashion, just as a fashionable dress may be a style; and if we do not keep our own dress, we do not gain status or gain acceptance. The dress of the gentleman, by contrast, seems no better. The gentleman will put on a suit and carry it like a gentleman, even if he is only half a man and wears no jacket or shawl. He can look at a woman in his suit and not see anything that might cause her a feeling of discomfort. It is not so

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