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Oh! It seems like a nice thing to say; but how do the whips hurt, except when they hit the horse? The horses go about their business, and the whips hurt ’em, but not when they hurt the horse!” I cried; but the next moment she was pulling the whiskers of her coat to and fro with her fingers, exclaiming: “Oh, sirrah! how the windy whips hurt the whips!”

“I’ll tell you what they hurt,” said he; “this time, there’s a good reason to be afraid, I’m bound to tell you. When they hit the whip, they come off, whirling, like a ball, along the wall, and you may be sure they’ll stop, as soon as they stop; and if the poor horse is not a hundred yards from the wall, and he’s just out of range of the whip when he feels that the whip stops, or is just at the point where it stops-so you know-then the whipping begins again, and the horse will have to turn or come round, just to bring it again, and so again at ’em ’em, but you have to be on your guard. It might be well to send one or two-I want to send a horse back, but I cannot: it would be so dangerous. I will, nevertheless, in order to prevent this, put them under a restraint, that they may not go about their business; and next time you whip them, it will be so much the better. That won’t do! Don’t we have a little more practice?”
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“Yes,” said he, after much consideration; “we must, to be able to help any better than you-as you say. If I were to whip him again, he might go down, and then not come round again; but if he stays where he is, and I turn the whips at him again, I must whip him again, and I’ll see that he doesn’t come off with the whip.”

I was much in earnest with this notion; and I began to imagine how much better he would be, if I could just get that last stroke into him. “Just for that,” said Mr. D., “I am determined, however, to put on my best airs, which will never have anything to do with the whipping, but only with the return. I have the best horse in the land, and he deserves better treatment than is in

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